We are always on the hunt for affordable, quality beauty products. Being a mom, I always appreciate a product that can be delivered to my door, and if prime shipping is an option let’s be honest…it’s a no brainer. Which is apparent because when I picked my 8 year old up from school he said “mom, I wonder if that Amazon truck is going to our house…” It was actually a semi so I sure hope not, but a gal can sure dream.

Milani palette
Butter Bronzer
NYX white eyeliner
Milani blush
NYX matte lip cream
Cover girl black eye liner
Lash Essence mascara
Next up — Butter Bronzer and Milani blush. Add a little blush to the cherries of your cheeks. Then add bronzer in the areas you want to “glow”. I usually add a bit to my cheeks, then lightly dust on forehead and nose.
Tackle your eyes with this Milani palette. I cover my lids and dab the corners with the lightest color. Then mix the two darker colors and use in the crease of my eye. It’s a natural look that goes with any look. I finish my eyes with white eyeliner on the bottom and black eyeliner on top. The white brightens the eye and makes them look open and awake.

While we aren’t beauty or cosmetic experts, we are hoping you can find some winners in this round up that work well for you!

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