Happy New Year, Friends!

For most of us, this time of year we are focused on New Year’s resolutions— In the past, we have been too.

We would think about all of the things we wanted to change about ourselves or to be better at for the new year— a fresh start.

Things that seemed to come up each and every year included:

Eat more salads and vegetables

Floss morning AND night

Lose 10 pounds

Drink more water

Exercise every day

We’d each write them down in our brand new paper calendars because that would surely keep us accountable… right?

It never (or always) failed, not even a week past the new year, ever time we’d come across that list, we’d beat ourselves up about how bad we were at keeping resolutions and not following through on the things we said we would do.

This year, we both started to really think about New Year’s resolutions and realized by making that list, we were setting ourselves up for failure.

Because when we really looked at our list, we realized we were writing down what we should be doing based on judgement (example, losing weight.) Rather than focusing on things that would truly make us happier in the new year. So this year, let’s shift our attention away from resolutions to GOALS!

Goals are broader, more flexible, more enjoyable, more attainable. They take into account how we want to FEEL and grow. They are about ambition rather than guilt or judgement.

A few areas we like to look at when setting goals are: family, friends, career, self care, etc.

So this year, a few of our GOALS are:

Spending more, QUALITY time with our family— a happier balance to work/family life

Committing to more coffee (and wine) dates with friends

Making weekly (or bi-weekly) blog posts while focusing on our website to bring you a variety of content

Getting more sleep— even if it means going to bed an extra 15 min earlier

Taking the time to enjoy a paperback book while getting our eyes off the screens

These are just a few examples of what we want to focus on for 2021– everyone’s goals will look different. You just have to focus on what makes YOU happy and set a few goals along the way to make a happier YOU!

Happy 2021, friends!

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