We are heading on a beach vacation in a few weeks (like many of you) and we cannot wait! I’ve been stocking up on the essentials that are most important for the kiddos to have fun while staying safe. We’re excited to spend some family time in the sunshine, just relaxing! Of course we are bringing our masks and will be social distancing. So wanna know what’s in my bag? Here we go!

This hat has been suggested by so many! I finally purchased it to keep the sun off my face as much as possible… because these wrinkle aren’t getting any better. 🤣
Steve Madden Sandals (size up 1/2)
These slides just arrived and I am super happy with them. Under $25 and available in other colors.
I like to have the spray for the kids. It’s quick and convenient. I do use my hand to rub it in after just to make sure we didn’t miss any spots.
Sunscreen lip balm
It never fails— I always come back from a beach vaca with chapped lips. I grabbed two of these to make sure I am never without!
Beach Blanket
I am super excited about this purchase. So many times we’ve just used towels which turn up wet and full of sand.
Diving Toy Set (similar)
This is one item that will keep the kiddos entertained for a while at the pool! And let’s be honest here— momma wants to relax and read a book for more than five minutes.
Water Wings (as we call them)
My daughter has always been cautious around water— which I’d prefer rather than the opposite. She’s getting better at swimming but to make her feel more comfortable, we always bring these along just in case.
Our most loved sunglasses will absolutely be in my bag. They have a plastic nose piece so they don’t get tangled in your hair— which is a deal breaker for sunnies!
Paddle Pal Body Glove (similar to ours)
We use this for my three year old. I love that it has the shoulder straps to stay extra secure! We make sure he wears a swim top so it doesn’t rub on his skin.
Neoprene Bag (XL, Gray)
I have had my eye on this bag for quite some time— it’s better than I expected. 😍 It’s extra large to hold ALLLLL the things! Select colors and sizes are under $25!
Snacks + Snacks
We never leave home without snacks. When going to the beach/pool, I always pack a gallon size zip lock bag full of snacks that won’t melt— it’s good to have options 😆
I’m looking forward to this view very soon!


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