We hit “go live” on our first Amazon LIVE in October. Our initial goal was to get together once a week and share our favorite goodies and deals with MMSM followers. Living 100 miles apart and with winter weather throw into the mix we are hopeful that we will be able continue the weekly lives together, or hope you will join us and chat if we are solo. 😉 Join Amazon LIVE here and get alerted when we go live.

First things first. What is Amazon LIVE? Amazon Live is a shoppable stream featuring items in a product carousel. Items are highlighted and discussed, usually with a sale or live promotion available. When live (not watching the replay) there is a chat feature, where the audience can ask questions or comment during the streams. This home shopping experience online can be watched while streaming live, or the replay can be watched at anytime.

How do you shop? When we share a link it will take you to the Amazon LIVE. You can watch us discuss the items we are featuring or you can skip to the good part and shop. The carousel easily slides to the left, allowing you to shop all the featured items. It’s very user friendly. Click the item and add to cart, just as you would when shipping any other Amazon link.

How can we watch past LIVES? We got you! Check them all out all below:

Hope you are enjoying this new idea and are able to score goodies. We have received great feedback and followers are loving the option to get a closer look, while shopping the items with us. Going into 2022 we are going to strive for one a week, maybe two if lots of deals pop up. Happy shopping, friends!

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