Looking for inexpensive or free indoor activities for the kiddos? Us too! Winters can be hard, especially in the Midwest. After a few weeks the indoor activities turn to technology more and more. We’ve been trying to limit screen time and soak up these years, before they are gone. We’re always sharing ideas with other moms and thought it would be helpful to put them all in one place.

Play a game!

  • Simon Says
  • Hide & Seek
  • Go Fish
  • Old Maid
  • Dominos
  • Board Game
  • Spoons
  • Red Light/Green Light
  • Musical Chairs
  • Eye Spy

Get Crafty!

  • Create a scavenger hunt: place clues throughout the house to get the creative juices flowing and work out the wiggles.
  • Indoor hopscotch: find painters or masking tape and create squares on the floor. Have a few kiddos? Create a tournament.
  • Pay it forward: make a card or craft for an elderly neighbor and deliver it. They will appreciate the thoughtfulness and the visit.
  • Obstacle course: balance on the tape line on the floor, crawl under the blankets put up on chairs, hop on the throw pillows, etc.
  • Create towers and structures with solo cups. Who ever makes the tallest tower without it falling over wins!

Get Creative!

  • Build a fort! Grab all the blankets, pillows and stuffed animals and create a fort. Find a flashlight or lantern and your favorite books to read.
  • Play restaurant. Grab a pad of paper and let the kiddos take each others orders and prepare the lunch. Our favorites are ants on a log, cheese and sausage bites, fruit slices and smoothies.
  • Put on a talent show. Each kiddo can choose their talent and create an act! It’s so fun… and hysterical to see the skits!
  • Hot chocolate bar. Grab the hot chocolate packets, marshmallows, sprinkles and whip cream. Set it up on the counter and let everyone make their own beverage.
  • Set up a movie theatre. OK, I know we said limited screen time… but this is fun for the entire family! Set up sleeping bags and pillows on the floor, pop the popcorn and ENJOY!
  • Start a bakery. Think of a name and all the goodies you want to create. Make muffins, cookies, cake pops, etc. The kiddos love to help and try the batter along the way.
  • Have a spa day. Grab the nail polish and face masks and pamper the kiddos. And mom.
  • Indoor camp out. Put up the tent in the basement and grab the lanterns and sleeping bags.
  • Dance party. Create a play list of everyone’s favorite tunes and turn it UP!
  • Collect trash. Go outside and take a walk, and grab all the trash you find along the way.

We hope you have found this helpful to keep the family busy during the long and cold winter months. Make all the memories, momma!

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