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Every year when the spring and summer months roll around, we are always surprised by how many different events there are. We have gathered so many great, affordable dresses for all of your spring and summer events! From weddings and graduation, to your family barbecue’s and running errands – we’ve got you covered!

Brunch / BBQ

We absolutely love wearing sundresses in the spring and summer months. Especially if you are packing for a trip, dresses are so easy because you only have to pack the one item and you’re done! Whether you are going to a BBQ out on the lake, or attending brunch with friends – these dresses will help you beat the heat!


These dresses are casual, lightweight, and great for everyday wear!


We have two categories for graduation dress – we have both casual and dressy options for you! The dresses in both collages can be for students to wear under their graduation robes, or for guests who are attending a graduation ceremony!

Wedding Guest

We all know how popular spring and summer weddings are, so we couldn’t leave you without some wedding guest dresses! We tried to include dresses for weddings of all dress codes; some casual, some black tie options, and some cocktail dresses.

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Spring & Summer Dress Edit #springdress #summerdress #graduation #weddingguest #brunch #BBQ #casualdress #eventwear

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