Our kiddos are very active and love to be involved in sports! As you can imagine, the fall season is very busy for us with football practices and games keeping us on the go. Walmart is our go-to for fall apparel and football equipment.

From the minute my son Levi gets home from football practice, he is in the backyard practicing skills that he learned. I love his passion and drive, and this net from Walmart has really helped with his accuracy. He will definitely use this in spring and summer for baseball as well, we love the dual purpose. He wears Russell and Athletic Works day after day; comfy and kiddo approved!

My five-year-old is always on the move. I mean ALWAYS. He loves throwing the football with his cousins. We always have a Nerf football on hand for indoor play while watching the Packers. We use the Wilson football for outdoor play with the neighbor’s kids! This tracksuit keeps the kiddos warm when they are playing outside and allows them to move easily- which is a must for busy little ones!

My daughter’s volleyball season just ended but she had so much fun this year! Her serves and bumps are getting more accurate so it’s fun to watch. We got her this new set of knee pads from Walmart and she said they are super comfortable. This set is also so cute and great for practices!

Nerf Fotoball
Wilson Football
Nerf Football | Wilson Football

It’s not super often I can catch these two playing together so when I do, a photo is necessary. Having a nerf football for my five-year-old is a must. That throw is strong, but not always super accurate. We’re so glad we can always find anything sports essentials we may need at Walmart!

Our kids love to play all kinds of sports so we make sure to keep extras on hand! We have them in the car, up north, at home, etc. You can always find an affordable option at Walmart no matter which sport your family is into. These balls make excellent gifts as well!

Walmart has you covered on all things fall sports! We put a collage together of some great items for volleyball, basketball, and hockey. The basketball goal and nets will make such awesome Christmas gifts this year!

Xoxo, Lauren & Kati
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