Summer to Fall Transition Outfits from Maurices
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While we love summer and all of the fun times and good memories it brings along with it, we are always so excited when the fall season starts to roll round. You can take your outfits to another level once fall arrives. You can play with gorgeous warm colors and patterns, accessorize to the max, and let’s not forget about all of the cute boots and booties you get to style! However, that in-between period where you are starting to transition outfits from summer to fall can be tricky, but we are here to help! One of our favorite retailers, Maurices, has everything you need to take your outfits from summer to fall. Keep reading to see how we styled some of our favorite pieces from Maurices and our tips for transitioning your wardrobe!

Lauren’s Outfit: Smocked Peplum Top | Skinny Jeans | Block Heels | Flower Drop Earrings | Pendant Necklace

Kati’s Outfit: Peplum Top | Flare Jeans | Buckle Block Heels | Beaded Hoop Earrings | Layered Necklace

Transitioning outfits can be tough because the weather is cooling off, but not enough to completely pack away all of your summer clothes. You can still bring some of those lighter summer pieces into fall, just add some layers and incorporate darker colors to make those pieces fit the season. For example, Lauren’s green blouse was a super cute summer piece that could have been paired with shorts or a skirt. To bring it into fall, she paired it with some dark wash denim jeans and it transitioned beautifully.

We love floral patterns because they are so versatile. In the spring and summer we wear bright, vibrant floral pieces, but floral patterns work just as well in the fall with more muted colors. The blouse Kati is wearing is adorable and will make a great addition to your closet this fall.

When you are thinking about which pieces you can transition into fall, opt for darker colors. Bright pink was a trend this summer, but you probably don’t want to be rocking it in the fall. You will want to style the moodier shades like brown, camel, burgundy, dark green, etc.

Lauren’s Outfit: Ruffle Sleeve Tee | Ripped Jeans | Block Heels | Leather Drop Earrings | Beaded Layered Necklace

Kati’s Outfit: Paisly Blouse | Flare Jeans | Block Heels | Beaded Hoop Earrings | Flower Shape Claw Clip

Another great way to bring your outfits into fall is by swapping out your accessories. For example, Lauren’s green blouse is an easy piece to transition. Her pink jewelry screams summertime, so we would swap those out for a more muted color.

We love flare jeans, and we’re so happy they are back on trend now. If you have a good pair of flare jeans, it’s time to break those out! If not, this pair from Maurices are terrific! They are comfortable (which is an absolute must for a reliable pair of jeans) and they are super cute. I love styling these with a block heel, but they will look great with a good pair of sneakers or heeled boots this fall.

Lauren’s Outfit: Flutter Sleeve Blouse | Ripped Jeans | Block Heels | Drop Earrings | Bracelet Stack

Kati’s Outfit: Floral Blouse | Flare Jeans | Platform Heel | Beaded Hoop Earrings

When you think of fall fashion, jeans probably come to mind pretty quick. We love the dark washed jeans for fall and into winter. Maurices has great denim, we have been absolutely loving these ripped ankle jeans and flare jeans. These are our favorites as of late, but you can style your summer tops with any pair of jeans.

Kati’s blouse is another example of floral patterns that work in the fall. If you have any floral pieces with darker hues and you are thinking about leaving those behind in the summer season- don’t! Style them with your favorite pair of jeans and you have a cute fall outfit!

We hope you found these tips helpful! If you love fall fashion as much as we do, make sure you follow us on Facebook (where we share the best deals on some of the cutest pieces) and LTK to see how we style our outfits!

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