It’s no secret — we like to shop on Amazon, ok LOVE to shop on Amazon. It’s just so easy to one-click purchase all the must-haves. And don’t get us started on how easy prime shipped returns are. We wanted to share the items we are loving, check them out below.

We’ve been toting this backpack for years (love a good pun 😆) and it’s by far the best we’ve found for the price. This color is dark grey, but it’s available in dozens of others. So many beautiful options for fall. It also has a anti-theft large pocket, so walk around a new city while traveling with confidence.
Both of my kids use these— they are great quality and have had them for a couple years! Perfect for the beach or swimming pool, we never seem to have enough goggles during the summer months.
These always off microfiber face towels are amazing. My daughter and I use them daily and have for years. They work incredibly well with water alone, they even remove stubborn waterproof mascara and eye makeup. Want to use a cleanser or exfoliated with them? No problem! It won’t compromise the quality.
Where ever I go, my bubba isn’t far behind. Fits in a regular size cup holder and is perfect for personalizing. Keeps my ice cold for hours (seriously, I went in my car this morning and my iced tea still had ice cubes in it!) My bracelets give me all the Pura Vida vibes without the price tag. My daughter borrowed them a few weeks ago and I still haven’t gotten them back — I know what I am grabbing her for her birthday!
We purchased this set of four LARGE tote bins to store a lot of the summer toys. From bubbles, to basketballs to water floats, etc. it fits everything and keeps the bugs out!
Being a mom on the move, I like to have a cute suit that is also sporty to hold on all the things! Fits TTS and is available in many color options.
I didn’t start using facial toner until I was in my 30’s. Honestly, I didn’t see a need. But now I appreciate it more than ever. Leaves my skin feeling refreshed and oh so soft — especially refreshing on a hot summer day. I apply with a cotton swab 1-2 times a day, as needed.
These flats are such a great Amazon find! I’ve had them for 2 years and the quality is unmatched. I originally ordered them for the office, but now I wear them often with a casual look year round. And I always get a ton of compliments. I mean, they are CUTE!
No surprise here— a water bottle is a must. I purchased this one for my mom and she says she loves it! Great way to stay on track with your daily water consumption.
We bought this fan for my daughters bedroom — she has a loft bed so we needed somethjng that would blow air up there— works perfectly and is on sale!
When I first started taking collagen peptides I would mix in with my pre workout. But I quickly forgot to take them everyday unless they were on the counter…which my husband will tell you I cannot deal with a cluttered counter. I now add to my coffee or protein shakes (it’s legit sitting in the cabinet on top of my coffee can so I cannot forget). This is tasteless and has more benefits than I initially realized. I have seen my hair and nails grow and strengthen; which says a lot because I apply gel nails routinely. My nails went from paper thin to thick and long.
I was influenced to try this exfoliating scrub and man I wish I bought it sooner. I use it every 2-3 days depending on my current skin condition (basically…how many zits I have) and love the way it works. Gently cleans and exfoliates… and I mean gently, I have very sensitive skin and this has not been an issue for me. This bottles lasts me months. Worth every penny.
Wet brush is essential, especially if you or your kiddo have long hair. Makes the mornings a little easier with less complaining and whining, these brushes are amazing!
We workout 5-6 days a week and wearing my engagement ring and wedding band isn’t always an option. I have tried quite a few silicone bands and these are the best I’ve found. Available in single or multi-packs and very affordable. Easily measure your finger with a string and pick your size.
This book. If you haven’t read it yet, wow — it’s a must read. I kid you not, I blew through it in 3 days…and then read it again. It’s that good. Currently it’s making the circuit between my girlfriends and I get a text daily saying “thank you, I needed that.” Highly recommend.
With all the travel that happens during the summer being vacations with the kids, heading to the lake, or up north a decent size makeup bag is a must.
At the beginning of COVID we remodeled our bathroom because quite frankly we had talked about it for years and never had the time. My husband found out he was about to have a few weeks (turned into months) off work so we started the project. I quickly wanted to organize all the things and bought these organizers. After finishing the bathroom I bought more and also organized the kitchen and all the junk drawers. Love that these come in so many different sizes, literally there is not a space I haven’t been able to organize with these.
No matter the season, we love Hempz lotion. It’s been our go to for years — and it never loses its luster. So many different scents (haven’t found one I didn’t like yet) and now they offer body wash and travel size too! Goes on smooth and leaves a hydration like no other. Simply the best.
I constantly have an extra hair tie around my wrist. Either I need it in the heat or my daughter is asking for one! These are great quality and work well for my thick hair.

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