The mommas

behind mmsm.

Hi friends!  We’re so glad you’re here and are excited to share a little bit more about our lives outside of MMSM.

Lauren here.

My husband Derek and I have been married since 2010. We have a daughter, Eva, who is 10 and a son, Clyde, who is 5. We live in Green Bay, Wisconsin, about 100 miles from Kati and her family.  Some of my hobbies outside of blogging include traveling (love checking off new places on our bucket list), fitness, and everything coffee, wine, craft beer, and diet pop. My all time favorite food is cheese Doritos with French onion dip. I grew up on a fourth generation dairy farm. When driving, I turn the radio down to see better— yep, you read that right. And lastly, I have had a passion for finding deals and “clipping” coupons for as long as I can remember so this is the dream job I never knew I wanted.

Hi there, my name is Kati.

I grew up on my family’s vegetable farm and spent many summers working in the fields and selling at local markets. It was quite the experience, but I have the farthest from a green thumb. My family makes fun of my faux house plants. But as long as they only need a dusting, they will survive in my home. My husband Trevor and I have been together since 2003 and married since 2008. We have a daughter, Sophia, who is 13 and a son, Levi, who is 10. We live in Wisconsin, in a small town on Lake Michigan called Port Washington. It’s the picture perfect town. Give me a good Netflix series, sushi and a glass of wine and I’m in heaven. We love to travel. I was fortunate enough to be able to travel growing up and it is something I want my children to experience. We usually go on a 1-2 trips each year, I am happy any place it is warm. If we aren’t traveling we are “up north” in northern Wisconsin. We enjoy UTV riding and hiking the state parks. I have had a passion for finding deals since Sophia was in diapers. Babies are expensive and we learned that very quickly. Every little bit helps, and I hope you are helping your family save with the deals you are finding on MMSM.

most frequently asked questions

This is our most asked question— we are not. We are not even related. Crazy, right?! We met through our husbands almost 20 years ago. They grew up and played football together in high school. We are so thankful that over the past 13 years our children have grown up together.  We’ve enjoyed traveling, exploring the outdoors together & making amazing memories.

In late 2017, while vacationing in Florida, we got this crazy idea to start a blog and share our love for deals with whomever was willing to read and follow along. Initially we shared savings with our friends and family members and eventually it blossomed into thousands of strangers all after the same thing, a good deal. Today we have close to 500,000 followers across Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other socials and we never imagined this turning into such an amazing community of supportive individuals. We are so humbled and thankful that you’re here, friend.

Kati enjoys shopping on Amazon, because who doesn’t?! Prime shipping is just too easy.  Also, loves a good Walmart find and will take up anyone on a trip to Target.

Lauren enjoys basically the same stores, but likes to splurge on a few things from time to time. Ie, Lululemon for workout gear, Nordstrom for purses/shoes, and Tarte for beauty.

Kati was a sales director and enjoyed working on the marketing side of the business. She worked for a small family owned company for 15 years.

Lauren worked for four dentists at a dental office in Allouez, WI. She worked there for 11 years and made some life long friendships.