About 18 months ago we started to discuss microblading with each other. We both were intrigued by the idea and wanted to take a closer look at the process. We put a post up on our Facebook page and the salon suggestions and feedback started to flow in. Quickly. So many of you have gone the microblading route and we were excited to learn from you all. But then, a few months later Covid hit….and our plans came to a screeching halt (as basically all aspects of life did). We put the idea on the back burner and didn’t discuss again until early 2021. We started to research salon’s in the area and reached out to friends for suggestions. After all, this is something that is on our face. Being that we’ve both struggled with light, thin eyebrows and have to use a pencil daily to achieve the thickness and shape we desire…. we knew we wanted to move forward with this process.

The entrance and lounge area of brow. beauty. bar. is so relaxing. The laid back atmosphere and beautiful views of the Fox River made us feel at home and welcome.

From the moment we walked into brow. beauty. bar. and met Maricela, we knew it was a good fit. She was so kind and professional. She explained the process and how everything would work, expectations and maintenance/follow up appointments. We spent about an hour with her (but there were two of us and we had lots of questions). Before leaving the consult we made the microblading appointment (she was booking out a few weeks at the time) and then we paid half down for the service.

First things first. Here’s what you need to know before you go…

  • Do not drink or take caffeine, alcohol, aspirin, ibuprofen (Maricela will give you a full list) 24 hours prior.
  • Wear comfortable clothing — it can take hours and comfort is key.
  • Download a good podcast series or music play list.
  • Bring AirPods or headphones. (Your eyes are closed and you are laying down during the procedure).
  • Avoid waxing/tweezing/threading within a week or so of the appointment. Maricela will clean it up for you when you get there…before the magic happens.

What to expect:

Your first meeting will be a consult. You will discuss the process and cost. Maricela will answer any questions or concerns you have. Then you set the appointment. On the day of your appointment avoid coffee or lots of liquids (you don’t want to be over caffeinated or have to use the restroom because you are laying down for 2-3 hours). I was worried about that, but it wasn’t a big deal. The day of the appointment we were the first ones on the books, we were so excited to get started! Lauren went first. Maricela explained everything very well. What she was doing, when she was doing it and what the result would be. It was helpful. First, Maricela let Lauren get comfortable with her headphones and true crime podcast and applied the numbing cream to the brows. This sat under plastic for about 20-30 minutes before it was ready to go. Then Maricela plucked the brows and cleaned them up, and then it was go time! She drew on the shape (with software she had) and had us evaluate what we thought would be the best fit for Lauren’s face structure. She was meticulous.

It was time! The microblading began. Since the area was numb Lauren didn’t feel anything. (Kati felt a little scraping, but it wasn’t painful at all). Maricela made tiny strokes throughout the brows and then pigmentation was added and absorbed into the skin, where the small superficial cuts were made. This pigment is semi permanent, similar to a tattoo. She lets the pigment absorb into your skin and then wipes it off once it’s set into your brow.

Lauren’s before and after — so natural!

Aftercare — so important!

Listen carefully to the aftercare instructions you are given and make sure to read through them thoroughly. Maricela sent us home with a goodie bag to keep our brows looking their best. We were so thankful to walk out of the salon with everything we needed.

  • Avoid sweating for a week (this was tough for us since we work out everyday).
  • Avoid direct sunlight for 2 weeks (we wore hats outside).
  • Like a tattoo, your brows will scab over in the days to follow. Do not pick at them. It’s a process that only lasts a week.
  • Don’t be shocked when your brows start to look spotty and patchy after the scabs fall off, this is also part of the process. The color will come back.
Day 2 — be prepared for DARK eyebrows a few days following the appointment. The pigment is setting and you will notice a little color comes off during the cleaning process. It’s normal.

What’s next?

You will set up a follow up appointment for about a month later. Essentially you will do the same process over…but it goes much faster. However, the scabbing won’t be as bad and your won’t have the color patching off like the first round. Make sure to clean the brows just as you did the first time around and avoid sunlight and excessive sweating.

Our brows the day we had our follow up, 4 weeks from the initial microblading appointment. We love the results, can’t wait to go back in 6-12 months.

Following up…

In 6-12 months you will go back as needed to have the area reevaluated and touched up. We spend a lot of time outdoors so we will most likely go back in 6 months to keep them looking as fresh as possible. You can see the rates here.

FAQ and what we wanted to know…

  • What exactly is microblading? Answer: It’s a semi-permanent procedure that creates brows that are formed to match the clients facial features and structure. Pigmentation is then added and absorbed into the skin, where the small superficial cuts were made.
  • How long does it take? Answer: It takes a few hours. It depends on the client and the desired eyebrow fullness/shape. (It took each of us 2-3 hours).
  • Does it hurt? Answer: You will be numbed before the procedure. Lauren didn’t feel anything. Kati could feel the scraping motion, but not pain. A good podcast took our minds off the entire process.
  • How long does it last? Answer: Microblading can last 6 months – 1 year. It depends on a few factors… including how well your eyebrows take the pigment, amount of sun exposure, sweating, etc.
  • So would we do it again? Answer: YES! It was a wonderful experience and we are so impressed with the results. We both feel like our brows look a million times better — more full and the perfect shape!

Maricela has graciously offered our followers $35 off microblading through September 2021 when you mention MMSM. Here’s her info, you’ll love the results!

We hope you found this helpful, and as always feel free to reach out if you have additional questions. Thanks, friends!

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